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Dr. Djorn Bain D.C. hails from the island of Grenada in the Caribbean and has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 2017. Dr. Bain was inspired to become a chiropractor after having an injury and seeking chiropractic care himself. He has a vision to transform his patients through facilitating their health with nutrition and chiropractic. 


Dr. Bain moved to the US in 2001. He attended pilot aviation school at Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX. He moved to Dallas TX in 2005 to further his education and passions. He has helped Arlington and Dallas residents with his knowledge of the chiropractic arts for 4+ years. Through hard work and dedication to his patient’s health, he has built two highly successful chiropractic services in Texas.


Dr. Bain uses his unique talents to help people of all ages with their aches, pains, and even debilitating injuries. His outstanding reputation, exceptional patient feedback, and sheer loving servitude speak for the effectiveness of not only Dr. Bain’s work, but for the miracles of chiropractic medicine. 


However, success did not miraculously appear for Dr. Bain overnight. It was a long and winding road of tedious study, continuing education, and trial and error that led to the success that he has now.


Dr. Bain’s Education, Certification, and Awards

After graduating from Brookhaven Community, Dr. Bain transferred to the prestigious University of North Texas in Denton, TX, where he finished his bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Sciences with a focus on Applied Technology and Performance Improvement. He went on to receive his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine at Parker University.


Personal Interests, Community Involvement, and More

Unlike other doctors who choose their profession for prestige, academic recognition, or money, Dr. Bain chose chiropractic medicine because of the benefits he received from it during his encounter with pain post-athletic activities in his youth. It was because of this that he recognized chiropractic medicine’s ability to give people a greater quality of life. This knowledge combined with his natural-born desire to help others made chiropractic medicine an easy choice. Dr. Bain continued to expand his knowledge in the field, and later he would become an advisory board member of the College of Healthcare Professionals – Dallas Campus, and he serves the City of Arlington as a member of the Black Advisory Council.


Dr. Bain has not limited his personal merits to just his classroom achievements or the success of his practice. He is also a father to a wonderful 7-year-old boy named Darian who is full of life and keeps him on his toes. 


He saw just how necessary it was to be an avid leader within the community. In addition to serving as a member of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Bain is an all-around, devout philanthropist. As an avid music lover, Dr.Bain started his love for music on the small Caribbean Island of Grenada where he served as a DJ and radio personality for many years. To date, he continues to enjoy many genres of music in his spare time and a good game of table tennis in which he dares anyone to challenge him.

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